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Powerful TV,
Made Simple

We are the go-to partner for omni-channel TV. With a first-party data-driven approach, premium content, and innovative ad formats, we allow you to reach and engage any qualified audience, and find out what’s working and what isn’t — at national scale.

  • Address

    Leverage data and technology to identify and reach your most valuable audience.

    Addressable: Dynamically reach your audience across screens – whether they are a niche audience or viewers who were under-exposed to your national TV campaign.

    Data-Driven Linear: Optimize your traditional linear campaign to reach your audience more efficiently on the right networks across a national footprint.

    Digital/Programmatic: Combine the power of live TV with the accessibility of streaming to engage your desired audiences at scale alongside owned & operated content across 70+ premium networks viewers know and love.

  • Engage

    Be where it matters, when it matters, to align your brand with endemic and relevant content.

    Contextual: Run your ads on the most popular, demographically targeted networks across linear and digital. Get the same number of impressions as a traditional network buy – for less.

    Live Sports: Unlock premium live sports inventory on the most popular sporting events of the season, all year round. Get in-game impressions across linear TV & digital.

    Pause Ads: Engage with audiences more deeply with non-intrusive, user-initiated dynamic ad formats that appear when a viewer presses pause while watching content.


    The road to better TV is paved with better, actionable data.

    With DIRECTV Advantage, unlock valuable insights that help you determine who your audience is, refine your target and measure your impact.

    Audience | Identify + Target: Leverage DIRECTV’s deterministic direct-to-consumer data to identify & segment your most valuable consumer. Match against DIRECTV’s viewership data from millions of households, your own CRM data, or tap into DIRECTV’s 30+ data partnerships.

    Impact | Insights + Measurement: With our transparent reporting and robust measurement solutions, we provide ways for brands to move beyond media metrics to understand the consumer journey and behaviors influenced by your advertising efforts.  

    Connect | Partner + Expertise: Tap into a qualified team of experts to help navigate your data needs. Partner with DIRECTV for robust data solutions, meeting you wherever you are — in cleanrooms, safe havens, agency or programmatic platforms, all in a safe and compliant way.