Address any audience, wherever they are, with content they love. All in one place.

  • A seamless,
    single pane
    view of TV

    Our technology ensures that linear and digital work better together. With automation, dynamic ad insertion, and precision targeting, we apply the intelligence of digital to your linear buy, while using the scale and premium experience of linear to make your digital buy more powerful.

  • Our smarter,
    holistic solution

    Increase your relevance.
    Personalize ads to viewers wherever they are, based on real insight at the individual level.

    Optimize your frequency.
    Find underexposed audiences to deliver the scale you need, and never show ads more than intended.

    Customize your measurement.
    Learn about the effectiveness of your media buy against any business outcome, at national scale.

  • Addressable

    We’ve disrupted the industry before, and we’re here to do it again. We continue to innovate the addressable space, and can help you find your audience using deterministic data and dynamic ad insertion capabilities across all screens.